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Have you got any plans on how to adjust to society?
Do you lack the support needed to make it?
Do you feel the only way is to turn back to the,
life you lived before you ended up in prison?

To go back to your old pals?
To what you do well – crime and drugs?
Why don’t you join us instead?
Today we have almost 5500 members and most of us are former criminals!

CRIS – the way out!!

Honesty Means that you will not commit any crimes. You will be honest with yourself and with others as far as possible. It also means that you always will try to be a role model for people who are in a situation where you used to be.
Freedoms from Drugs Means that you are trying really hard to live a life without drugs and that you won’t come to the venue or the activities if you are affected by drugs or alcohol.
Means that you care about your friends and how they are doing, that you respect your fellow human beings regardless of what they might think or feel.
Solidarity Means that you will be there for your friends 24/7. You will help CRIS by working and sacrificing some time (without payment) on your CRIS friends if needed. CRIS’s target group is ex criminals and addicts who have decided to start a new life and get back into society. The idea is to help people who are released from prison to stay away from crime and drugs by offering them a new, honest and drug free social network.

CRIS’s target group is ex criminals and addicts who have decided to start a
new life and get back into society. The idea is to help people who are
released from prison to stay away from crime and drugs by offering them a
new, honest and drug free social network.

Policy document for CRIS, approved 22 August 2005.
In Swedish

* CRIS is an association started by criminals and/or drug addicts for criminals and/or drug addicts.

* CRIS main target is people recently released from prison.

* One of the most important targets is to create a good life for ourselves. On the way, we also try to help other people. This way of working gives us a responsibility for, not only ourselves, but also for others and for the society.

* CRIS demands that all members” and all others, who are on the CRIS premises or take part of any CRIS activities are clean from drugs and are not active criminals.

* CRIS is not committed to any political party or religion, but we do have views in political issues within our areas of interest.

* CRIS is willing to cooperate with other good forces within the community as long as the cooperation’s in line with our views and purposes.

* CRIS acts on democracy values and that everyone should have the same value.

CRIS demands:

Honesty and Liberty of Drugs

As a CRIS member you will live an honest life. You will change your life and get away from a criminal life and a life filled with drugs. This means that you will not commit crimes and that you will be honest with other people and yourself. Your goal is to be a role model for people in the same situation as yourself.

Absolute no drugs is the rule within CRIS. We demand this, since it’s crucial to enable us to help ourselves and others to live without drugs. It also makes CRIS more credible as an organisation and helps it fulfil its purposes.

This means that all ”standard” members are banned from using anything that will affect your senses. This means alcohol, narcotics and some medicines. This also applies to anyone working, with or without compensation, is spending time on our premises or takes part in our activities arranged by CRIS. We make random urine and breathe samples within the organisation.

CRIS offers:

Friendship and Solidarity

As a CRIS member you care about your own and others well being. You respect your fellow beings and want them to be well. This means that you also have a lot of people who care about you and who respect your thoughts and feelings.

When and if your a ”mentor” you will have to be there 24/7. You will be there for your friends.

Solidarity is also a way of participating in the work of the association and the organization. As a member you will help the association by being active and emotionally engaged. You will work without any payment and will give your time to CRIS the way you decide and are able to. That’s how we create a solidarity that runs throughout the whole of our organisation.

CRIS ways of working

Views on a human being

CRIS is mainly looks upon a human being positively. All humans have got an inner force and an ability to change their life to a better one. It is important to point out that you and nobody but you, are responsible for your own life, but that we also have a responsibility towards one another. We are not interested in what people have done in their passé but what they can do with their future!

We live as we learn

We are all representatives of CRIS and as an organisation we get judged upon the ways our members act. We don’t have the same margins as “normal people”, but we need to keep in mind that we live as we learn make all the difference. The importance of that can not be highlighted enough!! We have to, in any context, behave and act in a way that is good for the association. What we’ve all experienced is probably the most important instrument to show our fellow members that there really is a way out of misery, a way to find a functioning life and, as a bonus, guarantee our credibility to the people “outside”.

Associations, regions and the nationwide organisation
To be able to function as an organisation that makes the difference, it’s really important for the local associations to be a part of the regional work! It is also necessary that everyone is working together to execute the decisions made on a higher level. Solidarity is also the main connection between the associations and the criminals and the drug addicts outside the organization.

International work

CRIS wants to point out the importance of an international solidarity. We want to spread the message that it is possible to get a better life to all those suffering people throughout the world. Our organisation has been very successful internationally and our message seems to get through to people from all over the world. Our engagement in the international work gives us, apart from the joy to be able to help our fellow people, new useful perspectives and important knowledge.

What does CRIS think and why?

Care of criminals
CRIS appreciates a more human criminal care, where people are encouraged to change their lives. We don’t have a view when it comes to penalty or punishment, life time sentence excluded. Our main view is – apart from the fact that it is an inhuman way of dealing with problems – that it is dangerous to remove all hope from a person. We’d rather see more treatments, care and affection programmes. We also speak very highly of the 34 placements, the electronic foot chain and the contract care. We don’t have a view on questions about security within the criminal care or issues that might be interpreted as we speak for the prisoners.

Alcohol policy
CRIS ideal is a responsible alcohol politic where health a social aspects are the main issues. Price-and availability needs to be considered to reduce the consumption and the side affects. From our point of view the obvious connection between alcohol and criminality is a very important reason for this conclusion

Narcotics policy
CRIS recommends a restrictive narcotics policy. It should be hard to take drugs and easy to give them up. We say no to syringes, compensational drugs and other ”harm reduction” which are nothing but destructive.

We won’t settle for the fact that drug addicts are viewed upon as the second class members. Our goal is to make everyone free, independent and full good members of society. We claim that this is possible to achieve and this is something we wish should happen to all drug addicts! We therefore want an increased initiative on drug free treatments.